The following historical individuals are just some of the many colorful characters that bring The Summer of ’27 to life:

richard-p-murray-finalRichard “Jab” Murray (1892 – 1958) was a World War I veteran, former Green Bay Packer, and City Attorney of Marinette before becoming mayor for nine terms.  Jab holds a place in Marinette High School’s Hall of Fame.



arold-f-murphy-finalArold Murphy (1895 – 1971) was a District Attorney of Marinette County before becoming the youngest elected Circuit Court Judge in the nation.  Arold served this position for 36 years, one of the longest tenures in both Wisconsin and U.S. History.




dr-luella-axtell-finalDr. Luella Axtell (1866 – 194_?) was an obstetrician and women’s M.D. who graduated from Hahnemann Medical College in Chicago.  She and her husband, Dr. Eugene Axtell, came to Marinette to practice medicine in 1900.  Luella continued seeing patients well after Eugene passed in 1923.




harvey-v-higley-finalHarvey V. Higley (1892 – 1986) was a World War I veteran who moved to the area in 1919 and worked as a chemical engineer at Ansul, which he served as president of for 10 years, beginning in 1938.  Harvey was an avid civil servant and eventually served as Chairman of Veterans Affairs under President Eisenhower.




howard-emich-2-finalHoward Emich (1915 – 2000) was a premier announcer for Marinette and Menominee’s WMAM 570 AM radio station.  He was also an active member of the Marinette County Historical Society and responsible for compiling the information published in the Marinette Centennial Program 1887-1987 and Menominee River Memories booklet.  In The Summer of ’27, however, Howard is only twelve years old.



albert-holquist-final Albert Holquist (1873 – 1956) was Sheriff of Marinette County from 1915-1917, 1919-1921, and 1925-1927.  For many years, his family had operated a livery stable founded by his father, but during The Summer of ’27, Sheriff Holquist lived behind the old Marinette County Courthouse (see “The Locations” menu).


charles-goldberg-2-finalCharles Goldberg (1903 – 1988) was a local entrepreneur and business leader.  His father, David Goldberg, was originally a horse trader who shifted to selling war surplus after World War I and finally settled on opening Goldberg’s Men’s Store, which Charles took over after his father passed in 1924.  It remained open in Marinette for decades.