Beyond its fictional story line, The Summer of ’27 has been lovingly hand-crafted to reflect not only the local history of Marinette and Menominee, but national events that made the headlines in 1927.  Resources that made this tale possible include:



Marinette County Historian: An informational

brochure that included articles, interviews, and

photographs compiled by local historians.  Such

brochures would circulate quarterly to members

of the Marinette County Historical Society.  The

research these devoted historians left behind

became the basis for The Summer of ’27.


1921 Map of Marinette: The Wisconsin Historical sanborn-insurance-map-marinette-1921

Society has taken the time to upload high quality

scans of old Sanborn Fire Insuance Maps.  These

detailed maps are instrumental to understanding

Marinette’s past layout.  Many of the historical

buildings in The Summer of ’27 are still standing,

though some have been repurposed or razed.


One Summer: A thrilling, historical account of one-summer

America during the summer of 1927.  Author Bill Bryson

captures all of the culture and craze that epitomizes

“The Roaring Twenties”.  As a secondhand source, this

book was invaluable to setting the scene around which

the action and intrigue of The Summer of ’27 unfolds.


Logs on the MenomineePublished in 1946 by Fred C. Burke, logs-on-the-menominee-cover-copy

this book follows the history of the Menominee River Boom

Company.  On page 55, you’ll find a chart with examples of

the marks loggers used to designate ownership of the logs.

In The Summer of ’27, these marks are used as part of a secret

code that Marinette County’s bootleggers use to smuggle alcohol.