These buildings are just a few of the historical locations around the area where the exciting plot of The Summer of ’27 plays out:


Marinette County Courthouse: Completed in 1881, this building served the county seat until 1941, when it was replaced with the current courthouse.  In the background, on the right-hand side, you can see the old Ella Court School.  Off-camera, to the right, resides the Sheriff’s residence, which was built to also house the county jail!




Milwaukee Road DepotConstructed in 1903 by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad (known as The Milwaukee Road), this depot was part of a passenger line until 1925, when the railroad bankrupted.  In 1927 -1928, it was used for freight after the Milwaukee Road was reorganized as the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad.



The Four Seasons ResortThe Wisconsin & Michigan Railroad built this resort in 1905.  It resides on Miscauno Island of the Menominee River, near Pembine, Wisconsin and burnt down in 1923, only to be purchased and rebuilt in 1925 by rich Chicago businessmen.  Rumor has it, Al Capone visited there…